5 Communication Secrets That Will Make People Respect You & Love You

5 Communication Secrets That Will Make People Respect You & Love You

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In today’s episode, we cover communication with five elite communication experts. We have Dr Carole Robin, who’s been teaching the legendary course, interpersonal dynamics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Chuck Wisner, the author of The Art of Conscious Conversations, Karen Wickre, the author of Taking the Work Out of Networking, Jonah Berger, professor at Wharton School and the author of several best selling books on influence and social Dynamics, including Magic Words, and Susan McPherson, the author of The Lost Art of Connecting.

From the significance of open-ended questions to the impact of language on emotions, our guests share strategies to influence and connect with others. We’ll also uncover the keys to building high-value relationships, the role of vulnerability in leadership, and the importance of active listening in meaningful conversations. Join us as we uncover actionable steps and insights to elevate your communication skills and unlock hidden potential. 

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Break this one habit before it breaks your budding relationships
  • How do you create better quality conversations and open up dialogue with anyone?
  • What is the worst question you can ask when someone is sad or upset? 
  • This type of language pushes most people away – 11:50
  • Most people won’t do this one thing in order to improve their relationships
  • How do you master the skill of listening so you can avoid relationship-breaking problems while also building the strongest relationships?
  • Most people hide who they are because of this – 22:15
  • This is the one key to being the greatest version of yourself
  • How do you turn acquaintances into friends and friends into allies?
  • The key to creating lifelong connections – 32:20
  • Most CEOs will never do this even though it supercharges the output of their employees
  • The secret to resolving marital conflict that people ignore at their own peril
  • The 3 little known phrases to get your point across – 45:20
  • How do you train your inner dialogue to be constructive instead of critical?

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