Expert Networking for Introverts with Karen Wickre (Ep. #784)

Expert Networking for Introverts with Karen Wickre (Ep. #784)

Networking can seem like a daunting task for introverts, so what strengths do introverts bring to the table that extroverts do not, what value can you bring to a network if you are just starting out, and how can you utilize today’s technology to amplify your networking ability?  

What to Listen For

  • How can you stand out as an introvert when networking?
  • What is one of the most effective ways to build a network in a fluid job market like Silicon Valley where almost no one stays at one company for more than a couple years?
  • Can you be a master networker if you’re an introvert?
  • What value can you bring to a network when you are just starting out in a new field or career?
  • What strengths do introverts bring to networking that extroverts do not?
  • What can you do to improve your listening skills to make you a better networker?
  • What tools in today’s day and age should you be using to grow and maintain your network?
  • Is email dead?
  • What is the “loose touch” habit and how can you use it to grow and strengthen your network?
  • What is a “third place” and why is it important for you to find yours?
  • How do you balance creating an online brand with oversharing and putting you in a position where companies don’t want to hire you?
  • Why is LinkedIn so pivotal to the world of networking?
  • What questions can you ask yourself when it comes to how you present yourself on social media?
  • How do you set networking goals before attending a conference?
  • What questions should you be asking when meeting new people at a conference or networking event?
  • What do you need to stop doing now when it comes to networking and keeping in touch?
  • What should you be doing when building or growing your network online?
  • What is the “double opt-in” and how can you use it to grow and strengthen your network?
  • What’s the best way to reinitiate contact with people in your network you haven’t talked to in a while?


Networking doesn’t have to be hard if you’re an introvert. Many people tend to think about networking and imagine being at a crowded bar or massive conference, making small talk with dozens of people and amassing business cards, phone numbers, and emails.

But it doesn’t have to be that at all. Simply focus on the people you enjoy working with and share good memories with, and try to have good interactions with them. Go out for coffee every now and then, schedule a lunch, or stay in touch via email. The key is consistency. Stay in people’s lives and make an effort to connect.

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