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How do you get more done? Why do you work the way you do? How can you get more done with less? What is the real purpose of goal setting? We explore these and other questions with the insights of our community of productivity experts.

Scott Young’s Learning Paradigm

Jordan has a lot of fascinating people on The Art of Charm Podcast. One of the most interesting was Scott Young, whose recent episode on learning and language really grabbed my attention. Young speaks four languages competently enough to debate politics and philosophy. He once had a thorough discussion on the Tibet question with a Buddhist in Chinese. He also … Read More

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The War of Art: The One Book That Kicked My Ass Into Doing More (And Will Kick Yours Too)

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Why is it that tomorrow always seems like the best time to start a project? It’s hard to stop making excuses sometimes. Maybe we feel like we’re not quite ready. Or maybe we believe our idea won’t turn out as solid as we first thought. More often than not, we’ll spend more time thinking about doing something than actually doing … Read More

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Create the Ultimate Social Sales Funnel

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Jon Levy really gets how the social sales funnel works, and why it’s so important. Jordan recently had the leading behavior expert, consultant and writer on The Art of Charm Podcast, and I was amazed at how much overlap there is between what he’s doing and what we’re doing. Among others, Levy has had Nobel laureates, royalty — literal royalty, … Read More

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Turn Your Passion Into Projects

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Turning your passion into a project is really what life is all about. Right now you might be working 50 or even 60 hours a week on something you’re not that interested in. Even if you are interested in it, unless you own your own business, you’re working on someone else’s project. But ultimately you want to feel ownership over … Read More

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