Charles Duhigg | Why You Need a Quarantine Routine

Charles Duhigg | Why You Need a Quarantine Routine

In today’s episode, we cover the necessity of routines with Charles Duhigg. Charles is a Pulitzer-prize winning American journalist and non-fiction author, was a reporter for The New York Times, and has authored two books on habits and productivity, titled The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business and Smarter Faster Better.

Routines are more important than we give them credit for, but why, what happens if we don’t establish routines for ourselves, and how can you build a great routine even when your world has been turned upside down?

What to Listen For

  • Why are routines so important for humans?
  • What questions can you ask to spark interesting conversations instead of small talk?
  • How can you consume entertainment in a way that nurtures your creativity and ability to lead interesting conversations?
  • What can you do to find and identify experts you can trust?
  • How do you distinguish between someone who is genuinely seeking advice and someone who is just venting?
  • Why is mindset important when it comes to learning new skills?
  • What exercise can you start doing today if you are struggling with accepting painful events in your life?
  • What can you do to develop empathy and why is empathy so important today?

The word “routine” may evoke thoughts of mundaneness, or mindless repetition, but routines are incredibly important to us as humans. Routines allow us to remove the necessity of making difficult decisions by automating them. Going to the gym stops being about dragging yourself out the door and instead becomes the thing you do every morning because it’s your routine. Eating a healthy meal for lunch stops being a choice in suffering and instead becomes the part of your routine that leads to a healthier you and prevents you from giving in to cravings. Routines are important, and positive healthy routines are the key to supporting you on your path to living the life you dream of. 

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