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Minisode Monday #8 | Forthright With Faults

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World author and recent guest Adam Grant joins us to talk about how we can argue against ourselves in order to make our arguments more convincing.

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Nick Unsworth | Life On Fire (Episode 527)

Nick Unsworth of Life on Fire is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs get more time back and make more money — by teaching them lessons from the heartbreaking mistakes he’s already made.

Nick tells us how we can learn from his examples about what not to do when setting out as an entrepreneur here.

Michelle Lederman | Nail The Interview (Episode 528)

Michelle Lederman rejoins the show to discuss her recent book Nail the Interview, Land the Job: A Step-by-Step Guide for What to Do Before, During and After the Interview.

Here, Michelle tells us how we can best prepare for a job interview, present our best selves once we’re there, and follow up memorably.

Fan Mail Friday #70 | Reverse Culture Shock

In Fan Mail Friday this week, we answer your questions about the difficulties of being a lonely expat in a foreign land, accepting praise and accolades without feeling awkward, revisiting mismatched libidos, meeting a significant other of great significance, and why overcoming self-limiting beliefs looks like magic to people who are only used to seeing walls.

Hear the answers and find out how you can ask your own questions here.

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