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Minisode Monday #6 | Not Alone In Loneliness

This week, make an effort to surround yourself with people who challenge your thinking — not just people who agree with you. Hear people out when they express opinions with which you disagree. Read an article from a website you don’t normally agree with. Poke holes in the logic — it’ll make you a better critical thinker.

In some cases, it may change the way you think entirely.

General Michael Hayden | Playing to the Edge (Episode 523)

General Michael Hayden is a retired United States Air Force general, former Director of the NSA and CIA, and author of Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror.

Get General Hayden’s take on the recent Orlando shootings and the difficulty of balancing security with liberty here.

Amy Herman | Visual Intelligence (Episode 524)

Amy Herman helps people from across the professional spectrum enhance their observation and perception skills by learning to look at works of art in her Art of Perception course. Her new book, Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your Life, is available now.

Find out how to become a better observer and test your own visual intelligence here.

Fan Mail Friday #68 | Don’t Call Me a Solopreneur

In Fan Mail Friday this week, we answer your questions about unfair character assessment, a Band of Brothers becoming an Old Boys Network, positive thinking, beginning a relationship when moving long distance, and how to avoid being called a freelancer (or worse, a solopreneur).

Hear the answers and find out how you can ask your own questions here.

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