How to Impress a Woman

A lot of guys want to know how to impress a woman. We get it. But we still think that men are thinking about how they’re going to impress a woman all the wrong way. To that end, we’ve come up with this quick guide on how to impress a woman. This is a must read for all men who are struggling with this issue.

Stop Trying to Impress Them

Here’s the big one. Trying to impress a woman almost never works. On the other hand, being awesome is the almost certain way in how to impress a woman. The problem with trying to impress a woman is that you invariably come across like you’re trying to prove yourself to her. This is one of the last things that you want to do and a sure way to not impress her. So stop trying to impress women and start being an impressive person.

How do you do that?

Make Your Time Valuable

This is step one. Your time has to come at a premium. If your time is free to everyone who wants it, it’s not very impressive. So you need to start having a time budget that puts you at the center. Work and your career come first. After that it’s the gym, your passions and your interests and hobbies. Only after you have enough time for all of those things do you have time to spend on impressing women — and impress them you will.

Hit the Gym

Hitting the gym is important and not just for people who want to impress someone. You need to keep healthy. Hitting the gym is also a great way to raise your hormone levels in all the right places. Especially for men who wrestle with depression and anxiety, hitting the gym can be just what the doctor ordered — without therapy or drugs. After a while, you’re going to start getting the type of body that’s going to impress women.

Invest in Your Career

You need to invest in your career as we said above, but we want to talk about this a little bit more here. Throwing yourself into your career is never a waste of time. No matter what you’re doing in life, doing it better is always a good move. What’s more, investing in your career can also mean finally getting off your butt and looking for a better job to get you out of the place you’re currently working. That’s bound to impress anyone.

Have Fun With Filtering

When it comes to meeting women, remember that some women are a match and others are not. Don’t be afraid to have fun with filtering women in and out of your life. Only go for numbers from women that you really feel you have some kind of a connection with. You’re not trying to meet every woman out at the bar — just the right women.

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