5 Steps To Boost Your Mental Health | Lori Gottlieb

5 Steps To Boost Your Mental Health | Lori Gottlieb

In today’s episode, we cover mental health with Lori Gottlieb. Lori is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, co-host of the podcast Dear Therapists, and the author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.

Mental health is a priority now more than ever, so what are the overlooked signs that someone is struggling with mental health, how do you know if you should talk to a professional, and why is boundary setting crucial to positive mental health?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What are the overlooked signs that someone is struggling with mental health issues?
  • What is the value in seeing a therapist versus talking to your friends and family about issues you’re experiencing in life?
  • The self-sabotaging stories we tell ourselves – 11:12 
  • Why do we tell ourselves stories about what happens to us and how do those stories have lasting negative impacts on us and the people around us?
  • What impact do the people around us have on our mental health and what can you do if your friends aren’t healthy for you?
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries – 24:24
  • How do you set boundaries and maintain them with people who constantly violate them? 
  • Finding the right person – 47:05
  • What is the number one question you should ask yourself when on a first date?

Mental health is something many people struggle with, but often don’t talk about. The signs that someone is struggling can be easily overlooked if you’re not aware of them. It’s important to be there for your loved ones and help them get the help they need if you see any of these signs. If you’re experiencing mental health issues, it’s valuable to seek out therapy. Friends and family are great sources of support, but sometimes talking to somebody neutral who isn’t invested in our lives can be really helpful, even lifesaving. 

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