Understanding Body Language on a Date

Only 10 percent of what you communicate is the words that you use. This is why understanding body language is so important for men looking to improve their social lives. Especially when you’re out on a date, you want to know if she’s into you or not. Understanding body language takes out the guesswork and leaves you confident, knowing definitively whether or not she’s into you — every time.

The Angle of Her Body

This is a big one. How is her body angled? Toward you? Away from you? The best is to have her facing you directly, dead on, especially in a situation where she doesn’t have to be doing that. The more turned away from you she is, the more you should read that as she’s not interested or losing interest. People can put too much into this: All by itself, it might not mean anything. However, when you couple the angle of her body with the rest of her body languages cues, it can say it all.

What Her Eyes Are Saying

Even more important is where she’s looking. Is she keeping eye contact with you? Is she looking around the room? Worst of all is she staring at her phone the whole time? Sometime girls can look around the room a lot if they’re nervous. This is especially true when you’re on a first date. However, if by the end of the date, she’s still staring off into space, that’s a bad sign. On the other hand, the more eye contact you get, the better it is for you.


Is she touching you at all? Make no mistake about it, when it comes to a woman touching you on a date, there are no “accidents.” Even if she’s “accidentally” brushing her hand against yours, you should take that as a sign of interest. Any touching beyond that and she’s basically hitting you over the head by letting you know she’s interested. Think about it: Do you go out of your way to touch women that you’re not interested in?


This is the one aspect of touch in understanding body language that most men miss out on. How much is she touching herself? Playing with her hair, fiddling her fingers, “fixing” her clothes or whatever. This generally means nervousness, but when it’s on a date it can — and often does — mean that she’s nervous because she likes you.

What do these things mean in and of themselves? Not much. When it comes to body language, you’re looking to get the whole story, not just a chapter. Put all of these things together for a full picture on whether or not her body language is letting you know whether or not she’s interested in you.

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