Why Meeting Women Online Has Become the New Norm

People used to scoff at the idea of meeting women online.  Dating websites were just seen as a way for desperate men to find only low-quality women.  But nowadays that stigma is gone as online dating sites have proven to be great places for men to meet high-quality women.  Don’t believe me?  Here are a few reasons why you’re likely to find great women online – followed by a few tips that will help you have success meeting women online.

Online datingOnline dating saves time

If you think the only women who use online dating are women who don’t get any attention from men, think again.  There are plenty of incredible women who, for one reason or another, simply don’t have time to meet men any other way.  Busy schedules and demanding careers cripple their social life.  As a result online dating has become a preferred method for busy women to meet men.

The fact that women (and men) use online dating to save time is something to keep in mind when sending that first message to a woman.  Long paragraphs can be intimidating to read and get deleted on sight, so aim to keep that first message short and sweet (just 3-4 sentences).  To make your message even better keep the tone of the message light and fun (throw in a joke) and mention something specific in the woman’s profile.  If you can get her smiling and show you’re actually interested in her, you’ve got a great shot at getting a reply.

Women want to mix things up

Many attractive women are bored of going to the same places and seeing the same types of guys over and over.  They have no trouble meeting men, but they go online anyway so they can mix things up.

When you think about it all women who use online dating are looking to make their lives more interesting.  That’s why a crucial component to succeeding in online dating is showing women that you live an attractive lifestyle.  Put up pictures of you traveling, having fun with friends, and doing fun activities.  Let a woman see that you live an interesting and exciting life – a life she would want to be part of.  This is huge in meeting women online as it helps you stand out from all the other guys.

Some women are new in town

If a girl is new in town and doesn’t know many people then online dating becomes one of the best ways for her to branch out.  This becomes a great opportunity to meet incredible women as they are not yet tied up with other men or a busy social life.

One of the great things about meeting women online right after they moved to town is that planning a date becomes incredibly easy.  Pretty much anything you suggest will provide a new experience for her which will make for an interesting date.  If however the girl has lived in town for a while, then coming up with a fun first date may take a bit more effort.  In these instances you want to focus on making the date an activity date and invite her along to do something that would be fun and interesting in its own right.  Giving the girl a new experience on a first date helps you stand out from all the other guys she’s dated and makes the date more enjoyable.

Online dating works

Perhaps the simplest explanation for why you’re likely to find high-quality women online is that online dating works.  At this point you’re more likely to find a couple who men online vs. a couple that met at a bar.

Online dating works because it lets people know exactly what they’re getting into before they meet.  So it’s important that you be completely honest in your online dating profile.  Giving a dishonest representation of who you are (using pictures that no longer resemble you, exaggerating your income, pretending you volunteer at soup kitchens every weekend, etc.) will ultimately come back to bite you.  If you want to have success with online dating you’ve got to start by being completely honest.

Why you should start meeting women online

Meeting women online takes much less effort then meeting women in person.  You don’t have to take the time to look nice and dress well.  You don’t have to deal with any “approach anxiety” or fears that come with walking up to a total stranger.  And if you’ve got a good profile you can even meet women in your sleep – waking up to a flood of winks and messages from women who were hooked by your profile.

One of the keys to making that great online dating profile is to state the exact type of woman and relationship you’re looking for.  When women see you are actively filtering for the right girl they are going to see you as a man with choice in his dating life.  This will instantly make you appear high-value and more attractive.  

The secret to success in online dating

Perhaps the best way to ensure success with online dating is simply to have fun with it.  If you have fun selecting pictures, writing your profile, and sending messages, then women will have more fun engaging with you online.  Your pictures will be more interesting and you’ll have no trouble coming up with things to say.  Keep in mind that online dating is nothing more than a tool for you to enjoy yourself and meet incredible women, and that’s exactly what it will become.

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