Deciphering the Body Language of Attraction

Body language is a powerful tool. It’s also a very clear language… for the man who can speak it. However, many men have trouble deciphering body language and understanding what it means when it comes to attraction. The good news is that learning how to decipher the body language of attraction isn’t that difficult. Once you have mastered this language, you’re going to have a way easier time not just understanding if she’s attracted to you, but also creating attraction. Consider this the ABCs of body language. Don’t leave for the bar or club tonight without reading this.


What’s Her (Body) Angle?

It’s not a myth: Her body’s angle speaks volumes in the secret language of the attraction. Is she turned toward you? How much? These are the two questions to ask when trying to decipher her body language. If she’s facing toward you, that’s good. The more her body is angled toward you, the better.

If she’s not facing toward you, don’t sweat it. She might just be nervous. But if she is angled toward you with her body, that can be a very, very good sign.


Where Is She Looking?

Just like the angle of her body can tell you a lot about what she’s thinking or feeling about you, so can where she is looking. Is she making a lot of eye contact? “Hanging on your every word?” That’s great. On the other hand, if she keeps looking away that could be a sign of boredom, particularly if she keeps scanning the room for someone “better” to talk to. Her eye sight is a great indicator of body language of attraction that can help you gauge how effective you’re being when it comes to keeping her excited.


Is She Touching You?

This is a biggie. If she’s touching you in any way — this includes casually but barely touching your arm — she’s into you. If she touches you very briefly, but then pulls away, that’s not super great body language, but it’s not a killer either. A lot of men miss out on this and think that it’s accidental when a woman is standing there so that your arms are barely touching. It’s the furthest thing from accidental. It’s body language that denotes attraction and the man who pays attention to it is going to have a way better time with women than the man who doesn’t.


How Close Is She?

Even if she isn’t touching you, how close she is to you is a piece of body language that you need to be paying attention to. If she’s “leaving room for the Holy Ghost” as it were, that’s not a great sign. If, however, she’s basically standing on your toes, that’s a great thing. Women do not, I repeat, do not stand close to men that they aren’t attracted to. Even if you’re in a crowded club and there’s no room to do anything but, she’ll walk away rather than stand super close to you.


What Are Her Hands Doing?

Pay attention to her hands? Is she spending a lot of time touching her hair, her face or other parts of her body? This is body language of attraction that betrays a certain nervousness — the good kind of nervousness, the kind of fluttering feeling that women get around men who are exciting them. This is a great thing as it means that she’s really into you.

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