How to Attract More Women

Before reading this be warned, this article on how to attract more women is very different than the others out there.  It doesn’t cover what to say to women to get them interested in you.  Instead, this article talks about how to attract more women by improving your lifestyle.  To see what kind of adjustments you can make to attract women in this way, check out the tips below.

Expand your social circle

The larger your social circle the more opportunities you’re going to have to meet and attract women.  You’ll wind up with more and more introductions to cute, single girls through mutual friends.  And since your mutual friend vouched for you the girl already knows you’re a cool guy.  As a result, she’ll be more open, receptive, and curious to meet you.

If you’re not sure how to expand your social circle a great way to start is to join some activist groups.  Find a sports team, sign up for a group class (like a cooking class) that’s fun and teaches you something you’d actually like to learn or join a volunteer organization.  These outlets give you a chance to meet like-minded people and expand your social circle.

Dress better

Dressing well is an important component when it comes to how to attract more women.  After all, women always notice how a man is dressed and it plays a huge role in how attractive he appears.  So if you’re serious about learning how to attract more women you’ve got to make a point to dress sharp.

For tips and advice on how to dress well and look good, check out Aaron Marino at iamalpham.com.  He covers everything from dress style to proper grooming to ensure you look your best anytime you go out.  You’d be amazed at how a few small tweaks can do wonders in helping you look and feel more attractive.

Enjoy your life

The more you enjoy your life the more charming you become to everyone around you.  What’s more, when you’ve got all the other areas of your life going well you won’t be all that concerned about your dating situation.  You’ll become more selective with the women you date because you’ll have better things to do than waste time with a girl that just isn’t right for you.  And being selective is huge when learning how to attract more women.  It instantly makes you come across as a high-value man and gets women to work for your attention.

If your daily life is far from enjoyable, here’s an exercise that will help you get it moving in the right direction.  Write down what a typical day would look like if you had everything you wanted.  Then start structuring your day to look more like that.  This may mean adding things as small as a weekly poker game with friends or as big as taking action to get out of your dead-end job and into a career you love.  So long as you’re dedicating more and more time each day to doing more of the things you enjoy, you’re going to get more out of life and be more fun to be around.

Take care of your body

As touched on in the previous sections, the happier you are and better your life is the easier it’s going to be to attract women.  And a key part of maintaining a happy, enjoyable life is taking care of your body.

Start a regular workout routine and aim to exercise 4-7 days a week.  While you’re at it, get plenty of sleep each night and keep an eye on the food that you put into your body.  A diet loaded with bread, fat, and sugar is going to zap your energy and make you feel sluggish (meaning you’ll be “off your game” when a woman walks into the room).  On the other hand, a diet loaded with fresh veggies, lean meat, and plenty of water is going to help you feel sharp and alert throughout the day.

Always be charming

Guys often make the mistake of trying to “flip the switch” and become the cool, charming guy when an attractive woman shows up.  But what’s far more effective (and far more enjoyable) is learning to be that fun, charming guy all the time.  Then when you meet an attractive girl you won’t need to switch gears or do anything special.  You can just continue about your day, talking to her just like you would anyone else.

In order to develop this positive, charming attitude make a point to be friendly and social with everyone whenever possible.  High-five strangers and cheers their glasses as you walk through a bar.  Make eye contact, smile, and engage everyone (guys, girls, wait staff, old people) in some playful banter.  “Act as if” you are already that positive, friendly, charming guy and that behavior will start to come naturally.

Learn to listen

Everyone loves talking about themselves, and women are no exception.  So rather than worrying about finding things to say or do to impress a girl, learn to become a good listener.  If you can truly listen to her thoughts, feelings, and personal stories (without being distracted thinking about what you’ll say next) then she’s going to have a great time talking to you.  This also gives you a chance to form a deeper connection, so you can become one of the few guys that actually “get” her.

A key part of listening effectively is making eye contact while staying in the moment.  Then, from time to time, echo back what she said using her own words.  This may sound like a trivial detail, but it makes a big difference in terms of helping her see you truly understand her.

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