Approaching Women in Groups

Even the most confident man can have trouble approaching women in groups. This is completely understandable. After all, not only are you approaching multiple women at the same time, there are also far more variables in the equation. Indeed, approaching women in groups isn’t about doing the same thing on a bigger level; It’s an entirely different ballgame, one that you need to learn.

Girls night outWhy you need to know how to approach women in groups

The main thing to remember when you approach a women in groups is that you are approaching the entire group, not just the one that you want to talk to. If you’re approaching for a group, it’s good to go up alone. Approaching as a group can make you appear threatening or creepy, so it’s best to have individual friends hang back for about a minute, while groups of friends are best introduced to the group as a group.

Greet all women at once

When it comes to greeting women in a group, it’s best to say hello to the entire group at once. What you greet a group of women with is similar to what you would greet an individual woman with; Little jokes or somewhat “nonsensical” statements, delivered with a big smile begin creating a sense of ease and open the door to a bit of bantering with the more vocal members of the group. It’s best to greet women all at once, even if you have your eye on one in particular. This shows that you’re not just looking to “pick up hot girls,” but that you’re there to meet people and have a good time.

Narrow your focus

Once you’ve started talking to all of the girls, once your friend or friends have come over, it’s OK to narrow your focus on a girl or two. Maybe you still want to talk to the one that you approached for, or maybe you’ve found, now that you’re talking, that you have more interest in another woman of the group. Either way, start engaging her more in conversation. Start by saying something simple like “I like you” or “you seem pretty cool.” You want to appreciate a woman for something other than her looks, then start into the “getting to know you” type of conversations.

Try and have a wing

Having a wing can make approaching large groups of women a lot easier. For one, they can chat with other girls while you talk to the woman that you went over to approach. What’s more, they can also take some of the pressure off of your approach, allowing you to be a more confident man when you walk up to a group of women. The reason being that you know that your wing is only a minute or so away from coming up and taking some of the social pressure off of you.

Break one off from the group if you can

If there’s one woman that you have a particular interest in, try and get some alone time with her. This doesn’t mean that you have to go anywhere further than a more quiet end of the bar, but it might mean an impromptu trip to the nearest food card or some other attraction that allows the two of you some one-on-one time to get to know one another.

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