Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life (Episode #239)

Athol Kay Married Man Sex Life

“Life is a marathon not a sprint.” -Probably Your Dad

Being the alpha or beta is a complicated issue, especially because a single person can be both. In a couple’s relationship there must be a balance between these two to maintain a healthy relationship.

Athol Kay, from is an author with numerous books on relationships and skill sets related to behavioral health, sociology, self-help and sexuality; talks about numerous topics that impact a marriage.

In another “instant classic” episode, we cover:

  • Why marriage therapy has failed couples and will continue to do so
  • Why focusing on ‘better communication’ doesn’t work
  • What Alpha Male and Beta Male REALLY mean in the context of YOUR relationship (hint: you are NOT alpha [nor beta]!)
  • The roles brain chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine and testosterone play in your relationship
  • What it means when a woman says “I love you but I’m not in love with you”
  • Why it’s your job to lead, ALWAYS (and WHY)
  • What Newton’s Laws of Motion have to do with your sex life
  • How to consistently create attraction between you and your wife/girlfriend and why this is crucial to survival
  • And tips to be a supportive leader for your significant other

While handling the structure of your relationship, make sure that you are a gentle leader with consistency and masculine behavior. There’s a balance that needs to be maintained between dominating and being submissive and this episode will give you an in-depth look at that, and more.

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What I could tell you about Athol is that he has a diverse educational and professional background, including sociology, religious studies, nursing, behavioral health. He has a self-taught volume of knowledge about evolutionary psychology, sexuality, relationships, self-help and game. He has written three books and writes the cutting edge Married Man Sex Life blog.

What I would like to tell you though, is while he’s a heavy duty theory guy, he’s always looking for it to work in reality. It has to be practical to him. This is what makes him a great match for The Art of Charm Podcast.

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