Do you like networking or is it just a necessary evil only to be done when absolutely necessary? Sharpen your skill set with this episode of AoC.
Marsha Shandur | Saying Yes to Networking (Episode 359)

Networking can be fun. “Networking is a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand.” -Marsha Shandur The Cheat Sheet: Is everyone afraid of networking events? The top two ways to add value to someone no matter who they are. What’s the spotlight effect? What does Helen Fielding have to teach us about networking? What is Marsha’s […]

On today's show is Steve Sisler, behavioral analyst, a people reading savant! We discuss tips on how to read people, and more on today's The Art of Charm.
Steve Sisler | How to Read People (Episode 350)

Adjust your style to connect. “We don’t see people as they are, we see people as we are.”-Steve Sisler The Cheat Sheet: The three reasons people listen. How much of communication is verbal, how much body language? What behavioral profile do nurses most often fit? Why meek does not equal weak. The secret to saying anything […]

What would it be like if you always knew what someone else was really thinking? Vanessa Van Edwards of the Science of People tells us how in this episode.
Vanessa Van Edwards | How to Read People Like a Book (Episode 281)

“I do human lie detection; that’s one of those skills that’s a blessing and a curse.” -Vanessa Van Edwards Download audio file Imagine what you could do if you always knew what someone else was really thinking — no matter what they were saying to you. How would that change your work life, your life […]