What Evolution and Human Behavior Can Tell Us About Purpose and Meaning | Sam Wilkinson

What Evolution and Human Behavior Can Tell Us About Purpose and Meaning | Sam Wilkinson

In today’s episode, we tackle meaning and purpose with Samuel T Wilkinson. Sam is a professor of psychiatry at Yale University, an associate director of the Yale Depression Research Program, and the author of his latest book Purpose: What Evolution and Human Nature Imply about the Meaning of Our Existence.

In this episode, we explore the two sides of human nature and how they guide us to find our true purpose. We dive into free will’s role in achieving a good life, look at how committed relationships affect our happiness, and share new scientific findings on evolution that help explain our life’s meaning. 

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • How does understanding the duality of human nature enhance your leadership and communication strategy?
  • Is our success and decision-making process truly random, or is there an underlying order that can be leveraged for personal growth?
  • How do different religious beliefs about free will influence our life choices and purpose? – 14:48
  • Can exploring various beliefs on free will unlock a deeper sense of purpose and direction in life and career?
  • What are the implications of Monogamy vs. Promiscuity on society and personal well-being? – 20:10
  • How do shifting norms around relationships impact societal stability and individual well-being?
  • How do relationships define our happiness and purpose, according to the longest running study on human development?
  • How do deep meaningful relationships fuel our search for purpose? – 33:00
  • How do relationships and attachment theory play a critical role in finding purpose and fulfillment?
  • What are the actionable steps to deepen your connections and harness the power of meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life? 
  • How does parenthood reshape our priorities and enhance our sense of purpose? – 40:16
  • How does parenthood transform one’s priorities and contribute to a greater sense of purpose and societal contribution?
  • What are the unique rewards and challenges of raising children, and how do they impact personal growth and career advancement?

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