Ways To Win | Craig Robinson

Ways To Win | Craig Robinson

In today’s episode, we dive into the dynamic world of sports and leadership with Craig Robinson. Craig is a distinguished college basketball coach, basketball executive, and podcaster. A former standout player at Princeton, he was twice named Ivy League Player of the Year. Transitioning from a successful finance career, Craig pursued his passion for coaching, leading teams at Boston University and Oregon State University. He has held executive roles with the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks and is now the Executive Director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. Craig co-hosts the podcast “Ways to Win” with John Calipari, sharing life lessons and strategies from his extensive on-court experience, making his insights valuable beyond the basketball world.

Craig Robinson shares his insights on the evolving landscape of leadership and coaching. How has the role of empathy and communication transformed modern coaching? What strategies can you use to build momentum in both your personal and professional life? Craig also delves into his courageous transition from a successful finance career to pursuing his passion for coaching—what challenges did he face, and what rewards did he reap? Additionally, discover practical advice on how to identify and nurture young leaders, manage setbacks effectively, and leverage likability to foster team cohesion. Join us as we uncover these answers and more with Craig Robinson, a leader whose experience spans from the basketball court to the executive office. 

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Who is Craig Robinson, and how has his diverse career from finance to coaching shaped his approach to leadership?
  • What are the key differences between the authoritarian coaching styles of the past and the empathetic approaches of today?
  • What motivated Craig to transition from a successful finance career to coaching basketball?
  • Empathy and Communication in Leadership – 19:27
  • Why is empathy crucial for modern leaders and coaches?
  • How can understanding and meeting people where they are enhance your effectiveness as a leader?
  • Insights from “Ways to Win” Podcast – 25:38
  • Key takeaways from Craig’s podcast, including building personal relationships with team members and creating a culture of accountability.
  • Lessons from prominent guests like Dave Roberts and Dawn Staley on leadership and team dynamics.
  • Identifying and Nurturing Young Leaders – 30:29
  • What attributes and talents should you look for when identifying potential young leaders?
  • Strategies for nurturing and developing leadership skills in young individuals.
  • Managing Setbacks and Defeat – 34:17
  • How can you quickly recover from setbacks and losses in both sports and professional environments?
  • Practical advice on managing the psychological impact of defeat and maintaining a forward-looking mindset.

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