Kristen Brown | The Happy Hour Effect (Episode 394)

You can control what happens in your life.

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  • Do successful people simply handle stress better?
  • The origins of fight or flight and why that response is still with us today.
  • What’s the best natural anti-depressant and how can you produce it?
  • What are the earliest signs of stress?
  • What is Kristen’s #1 productivity tip?
  • And so much more…


Stress is something we all have, it’s simply part of being alive today. But how we handle the times between stressful moments has a direct impact on how we cope with the actual stressors in life.

Kristen Brown, creator and author of The Happy Hour Effect joins us to talk about how making ourselves happy in between stressful experiences can help us cope with stress easier and lead to healthier, more productive lives. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 394 of The Art of Charm.

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More About This Show:

Kristen Brown didn’t simply wake up one morning and decide to create and write The Happy Hour Effect. No, life handed her one of the most stressful and heart-wrenching experiences possible: her young, fit and seemingly healthy husband died. He was 31 and had just been given a clean bill of health by his doctor.

Needless to say Kristen’s life went into a tailspin. She was being forced to raise their 10-month old baby by herself, in addition to her very stressful corporate job.

Now facing single motherhood, Kristen was adding stress on top of stress. Her corporate job, which she had always loved, soon became a source of frustration rather than the solid rock it had always been for her.

With time she realized she had control of what was going to happen next. And she knew she could either be swallowed up widowhood or she could face life head on. She chose the latter.

Today she shares how handling stress of any kind or magnitude impacts us in every way, and how we live our lives during non-stressful crisis times also impacts our capacity to cope with stress. We also discuss the five elements of the happy hour effect, the two traps we routinely fall into and what GOALSS stands for.

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