Jeff used his techniques to create a life of freedom for himself and helps his clients to do the same

Jeff Steinmann, How to Quit Working (Episode #202)

Jeff Steinmann, How to Quit Working (Episode #202)

Jeff Steinmann spent 15 years living a life that revolved around a job that didn’t give him the freedom he wanted out of life. Fiercely determined to find a better way, Jeff cut through all hype and false promises of Internet Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing, spending over $47,456 to learn how to create a lifestyle and an income with his knowledge.

He assembled it all into his new book, “How to Quit Working” which is a complete guide to creating a life of freedom with with what you KNOW instead of just getting paid for what you do. Jeff used the techniques in his book to create a life of freedom for himself and uses them to help his clients to do the same.

Today, Jeff lives the life of his dreams, working from his home in St. Louis, Missouri, on his own schedule and his own terms, with a small international team.

Topics include:

1) How does someone work up the courage to actually give up their primary source of income? (“I have bills to pay!!!”)
2) How do I know what skill or knowledge I have that I can make money with?
3) Statistics show us that most businesses fail. Why would I be able to succeed?
4) This just sounds really hard. What if I don’t know anything about business or marketing?
5) I want to get really really rich. Can I use these techniques to do that?

Book: How To Quit Working: Create a Life of Freedom With What You KNOW Instead of Just Getting Paid for What You DO | Amazon Affliate Link

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