Richard Grannon, Street Fight Secrets (Episode #181)

Malaysia/UK-based badass Richard Grannon from drops some knowledge on the art of the street fight with the Art of Charm Podcast audience.

We’ll discuss:

-The two levels of fear (real, physical fear and the stuff we make up in our heads because modern humans don’t have survival needs that aren’t met regularly)

-How he learned REAL fear -primal stuff at MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and how it’s helped him in business, in school, and with women

-How to gain confidence  through training and combat

-Why self-defense is more psychological versus physical

Richard Grannon has a degree in psychology and is a master practitioner of NLP.  He trained with Richard Bandler personally when he was 18.  He has 10+ years working as a nightclub doorman and as a professional counsellor so he’s am used to “getting his hands dirty” and applying the academic knowledge to real world scenarios. Richard has also worked as a motivational speaker and accelerated learning coach within the British education system for 3 years, teaching and designing courses from secondary school to university level. For the last 7 years his job has been teaching civilians, military and law-enforcement how to overcome fear and anchor states of confidence in high pressure, high risk scenarios.

Here’re the freebies/bonus goods we discussed on the program:

AoC-specific bonus materials

Darren Brown “Person Swap” video.  Has to be seen to be believed.


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