Dr. Paul Zak, The Moral Molecule (Episode #179)

Dr. Paul Zak aka the Hug Doctor/Love Doctor/Oxytocin Doctor/TED-talk Doctor/Doc-of-all-trades and an old friend of the show, finally (after 3+ years!) swings by to talk about his new book and how con men use Oxytocin and trust, and how we can use oxytocin to our advantage on the daily.


-He’s a neuroeconomist.  What the heck is that?

-Are people good or evil by nature?

-What does morality have to do with economic prosperity?

-Does money make you happy? (Actually, it does!)

-How do I naturally increase my oxytocin?

-How can I use these concepts to increase trust and rapport with the opposite sex?


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More from Dr. Zak on his blog

Here’s a link to episode #137 Susan Kuchinskas, author of “The Chemistry of Connection” discussed in this episode with Dr. Zak

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