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Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank, CEO of FUBU (Episode #129)

Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank, CEO of FUBU (Episode #129)

Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’, where he strikes deals with would-be entrepreneurs and business moguls.

One thing we really liked about Daymond was his no-nonsense attitude on the show, shared by most of the sharks, but always delivered with a smooth and even mild-mannered demeanor.

Further, he’s built his own businesses from the ground, up, creating FUBU in an apartment, sleeping next to the sewing machines for months on end, and churning out, at its peak, over $350 million/year in sales.

In this episode of the Art of Charm Podcast, AJ and Jordan sit down with Daymond and pick his brain about what it means to be a great entrepreneur, how to contact and pitch to sharks, mistakes he sees first-timers make on the regular (and how to avoid them), and what it takes to be in business with guys at the top of the game.

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