Why Your Sense of Humor Is a Muscle (Bonus Episode)

This is a special bonus episode for AoC podcast listeners. In this discussion, AoC coaches–Erin, Dione, and Suzanne—unpack the principles of improvisational comedy.

These professional actresses teach improv here at The Art of Charm bootcamps. It is one of our most popular (and effective!) training techniques for improving confidence and removing social anxiety. Learn more about the transformational AOC bootcamp in Los Angeles here, where you will train hard, so you can fight easy.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • What is improvisational comedy and how does it apply to our lives?
  • How does trusting your friends relieve you of pressure?
  • Why is your sense of humor a muscle and not something you’re born with?
  • How do you view mistakes as opportunities instead of beating yourself up?
  • What are the principles behind living in the moment?
  • And so much more…


(Download Episode Here)

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