778: 3 Steps to Make Any Negotiation Bulletproof

778: 3 Steps to Make Any Negotiation Bulletproof

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Some of the most important decisions in your life involve negotiating with someone more experienced than you, so what can you do today to make sure you are well prepared for every negotiation to come?

What to Listen For

  • What can you do to make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot when negotiating?
  • What is the difference between negotiating from a place of cooperation versus position?
  • How are you killing opportunities by negotiating with a competitive mindset and what mindset should you be negotiating with if you want to get the most out of every negotiation?
  • What is the Harvard Negotiation Project and what can you take from it to improve your negotiation skills today?
  • How does pressure work against you in negotiations and what can we do to handle it so it doesn’t have detrimental consequences in the long term?
  • What 3 things are you doing to kill your chances of negotiating a raise?
  • What 3 traits are critical to entering a negotiation that allows for a win-win for all parties involved?
  • What is BATNA and why is your understanding of it crucial if you want to negotiate successfully?
  • How do you develop a bulletproof approach to any negotiation?
  • How do you gain agreement from the other party in a negotiation to decrease the chance of it falling through?
  • When negotiating a raise, what should your first point of agreement be between you and your employer?

Negotiating can be both fun and exciting for all parties involved, but it can also be uncomfortable and downright painful. Ideally, we want to avoid the latter, but many of us enter into negotiations from a position that pushes the other party away because we try to come from a place of power and strength. No one wants to be taken advantage of so that is understandable. However, the person we are negotiating with doesn’t want to feel pushed around either, and so a different kind of strength must be used when entering into a negotiation, and that strength comes from a knowledge of what you want as well as what the other person wants. When you do your research and have options, you allow the other party to negotiate with you on what they can offer you versus what you are looking for, rather than saying, “This is what I want and you must give it to me or I’m leaving.” That never ends well for anyone.

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