760: Parents, Part 1: Motherhood and Transformation

This month and next, we decided to dedicate two episodes to parents and the valuable role parenting plays in our development as social beings.

On this episode, AJ and Johnny speak with Dr. Alexandra Sacks, about Matrescence – the transition a woman goes through when she becomes a mother. You might be thinking, “well we call that pregnancy,” but matrescence is broader than just the changes a mother goes through during pregnancy.

Just as teenagers go through hormonal change and a reshaping of identity, matrescence operates in a similar fashion. Understanding and preparing for this life chapter can bring a more rich and meaningful experience to parenthood.

Dr. Sacks is a reproductive psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center and Host of a new podcast called, Motherhood Sessions.


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Alexandra Sacks M.D.  is a Reproductive Psychiatrist and the host of Motherhood Sessions, a podcast from Gimlet Media.

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