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747: Living Boldly with Gia Helena

747: Living Boldly with Gia Helena


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About This Episode

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Fortune favors the bold” right? But what does it mean to live your life with boldness, how is it related to fear and the overcoming of fear, and in what ways is it different from simply having confidence?

What to Listen For

  • Do you have to be confident in order to be bold and why should you want to develop your boldness?
  • What can you do on a daily basis to practice boldness?
  • What steps can you give your children so they can develop strength and boldness in order to better succeed in life?
  • What stands in the way of people bringing boldness into their relationships?
  • How can not being your authentic self damage your relationships and prevent you from moving up in your professional life?
  • How much time is too much time spent trying to improve toxic relationships in your life before it’s acceptable to walk away from them?
  • How can you be more authentic in your relationships and how can being less authentic damage your relationships?
  • If you are facing a loss what can you start doing to cope with the loss to ensure you’re still able to be happy?
  • If you feel like you need a break from socializing, will it damage your relationships to take time off to recharge?
  • How do you know if your social circle truly has your back?
  • What can you do to maintain long distance friendships if you feel like you’re bad at it?


If confidence comes from exposing yourself to the unknown and the unfamiliar until it becomes familiar, boldness is the willingness to act in the face of fear and uncertainty. So, in order to develop either one you must be willing to take action. None of us starts at zero – we all have some level of confidence and boldness to begin with, but to improve them we must take action.


Practicing boldness will allow you to further increase your confidence, and increasing your confidence unlocks limitless potential in your life. But like any muscle or skill, if they are left alone they will begin to wither. Confidence and boldness must be exercised and practiced regularly in order to keep them growing, so get out there and start living your life with boldness.


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