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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence w/ Michael Ventura (Episode 725)

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence w/ Michael Ventura (Episode 725)

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About This Episode

Cultivating empathy is crucial in developing solid relationships in our personal and professional lives — but what exactly is it, how is it different from sympathy, why did Michael Ventura found a company based on it, and what steps can we start taking today to work on it?

What To Listen For

  • Why getting it wrong is human and how it can enable you to embrace making mistakes.
  • How does being vulnerable help to motivate those around you?
  • What is the core principle of empathy?
  • The seven archetypes of empathy as described in Michael Ventura’s book, Applied Empathy, and how knowing them can improve your relationships inside and outside the office.
  • What one exercise can you start doing right now to be more present?
  • How a severe injury and Eastern medicine altered the course of Michael Ventura’s life to lead him to found Sub Rosa and writing Applied Empathy.
  • What empathy is NOT.
  • Empathy versus sympathy and why sympathy leads to disconnection instead of connection.
  • How do sociopaths use empathy against us and the red flags to look for.
  • Michael Ventura explains how to cultivate empathy in larger groups.
  • What one tip does Michael Ventura recommend to everyone to start improving their listening skills NOW which he also uses himself?

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person in order to understand WHY that person is feeling a certain way. While it often gets mixed up with sympathy, the effects they have are polar opposites: empathy allows you to connect with others while sympathy leads to a disconnect.

Fortunately, once empathy is clearly defined and you understand the variety of examples as well as start taking steps to work on your ability to empathize, you will quickly notice the relationships in your life grow and strengthen.



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Resources from this Episode

Applied Empathy by Michael Ventura

Sub Rosa – Michael Ventura’s company

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