Why Your Success is Killing You & How To Break Free | Toolbox

Why Your Success is Killing You & How To Break Free | Toolbox

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In today’s episode, we tackle the epidemic of loneliness elite performance with AJ, Johnny, and Michael Herold. 

With loneliness reaching epidemic levels in today’s society, our hosts explore the detrimental impacts it can have on our health and well-being. They share their expertise in communication, confidence, and relationships to provide practical tools for combating loneliness and building meaningful connections. From recognizing the signs of loneliness to fostering strong networks, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies for navigating the challenges of isolation.

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What is the loneliness epidemic, how did people get to be so lonely, and what can we do about it so it doesn’t get worse?
  • Most people don’t know the health risks of this – 14:33
  • How does loneliness cause detrimental effects to your physical health?
  • This type of self-talk stops people from asking for help – 20:02
  • What simple mental switch can you flip to strengthen the relationships in your life?
  • Who is to blame for the loneliness epidemic?
  • This exercise is crucial to figure out who your real friends are – 28:00
  • What can you do to figure out if the people in your life are helping you or holding you back?
  • What can you do today to build rock solid confidence?
  • Only a small handful will take this step to end the loneliness epidemic – 38:36
  • What can you do today to strengthen existing relationships in your life while simultaneously helping to end the loneliness epidemic?

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Check in with AJ and Johnny!

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