The Truth About Your Happiness and How To Boost It

The Truth About Your Happiness and How To Boost It

In today’s episode, we cover happiness with 4 of the world’s leading experts on the topic: Arthur C. Brooks, Dr. Robert Waldinger, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, and Christoph Schnedlitz. 

Happiness and purpose make a life worth living, but what factors contribute to and take away from your ability to be happy, what role do relationships play in your happiness, and how do you build happiness that doesn’t depend on what’s happening in your life? 

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Who are the world’s leading experts on happiness? 
  • Building Happiness – 3:50
  • What simple question can you ask yourself to build life-changing happiness?
  • Success Addiction – 12:00
  • How do you get addicted to success and what can you do to break the addiction?
  • Harvard Happiness Study – 14:24
  • What is the Harvard Happiness Study and what can you learn from the results to foster happiness in your life?
  • Social Media and Happiness – 24:25
  • How does social media affect global happiness and what can you do to protect yourself from its effects?
  • Relationships and Happiness – 29:02
  • How much do your relationships influence your lifetime happiness?
  • What can you do to maintain the relationships in your life that bring you happiness?
  • What are the biggest happiness myths?
  • The 3 Happiness Skills – 40:35
  • What skills should you work on to build resilient happiness?
  • Why is boredom an important component of happiness?

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