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The 10 Signs of Neuroticism | Dr. Taylor Burrowes

In today’s episode, we cover neuroticism with Dr. Taylor Burrowes. Taylor received her PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling, is a retired mental health counselor and marriage & family therapist, and now works independently. 

Like mental health in general, we all fall somewhere on a spectrum of neuroticism, so how can you notice when you’re exhibiting neurotic behavior and what can you do to make sure it doesn’t ruin your relationships?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What is neuroticism and how does it show up in all of us?
  • Who is Dr Taylor Burrowes?
  • The signs of neuroticism – 15:18 
  • How are restlessness and neuroticism connected and how can you identify when restlessness is leading you to make poor decisions?
  • Why are pauses important in conversation when you’re speaking to one person or an audience?
  • What can you do to stop overthinking from ruining your relationships while still allowing it to help you in areas like work?
  • How does neuroticism influence your social development – 33:36 
  • Why is overthinking detrimental to your ability to be seen as authentic and build relationships?
  • Why is coaching so important when it comes to developing your social skills?
  • Why do we jump to conclusions that often have no evidence supporting them and how can we stop doing it?
  • What causes you to experience neurotic behavior – 52:20 
  • What are the root causes of the neurotic behavior we all experience at times and what can you do about it?

We’re all a little bit crazy, and that’s ok. Neuroticism shows up in all of us in several ways including restlessness, overthinking, and jumping to conclusions. It can get in the way of healthy relationships, especially for men, because neuroticism conveys a lack of confidence in who you are. Once you can recognize neurotic behaviors, you can remind yourself it’s important to not act on them.

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