Network Building In A Hostile World (Toolbox)

Network Building In A Hostile World (Toolbox)

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In today’s episode, we cover how to forge a thriving life with AJ, Johnny, and Coach Michael. 

We are at war with the modern world when it comes to leading lives of satisfaction and fulfillment because technology and society are pushing us to be depressed and isolated, so how do you overcome it, what can you do to build a thriving social life, and how do you determine a mission that keeps you focused and driven?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What is the key to health, wellness, and success in the modern world?
  • Navigating daily life, office politics, and media can lead to feeling isolated – 10:23
  • How is the modern world pushing us to isolate and how do you overcome it so you don’t end up sad and lonely?
  • How to build a new social circle – 21:11 
  • Where do you start if you want to create an exciting social life?
  • What do we use to add value to peoples’ lives and enrich the relationships in our lives so people value us and want to spend time with us?
  • How do you reconnect with old friends?
  • Define your mission to attract high value connections – 31:32
  • Why is it important to spend time figuring out one’s mission and becoming mission-driven, and how do you figure out what your mission is?
  • How do you create a high value network so you never worry about being lonely, unemployed, or single?

Building relationships is key to success in many areas, including the workplace, and cannot be replaced by hard work alone. And despite external factors such as nepotism and favoritism playing a role in success, building social capital in the form of value you can add to the relationships in your life is key. This episode offers strategies and frameworks for reconnecting with old relationships that have drifted away, including reaching out and inviting people into one’s life. Find and connect with people who share similar goals and mindsets. Tune in to this episode for insights on building momentum in life through a high-value network and community. 

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