How To Read Body Language | Abbie Maroño

In today’s episode, we cover trust and cooperation with Abbie Maroño. Abbie is the Director of Education at Social-Engineer, is a lecturer in Psychology, has a PhD in Behavior Analysis, was mentored by the body language expert Joe Navarro, and performs academic research specializing in nonverbal communication, trust, and cooperation.

Trust is important because our survival depends on our ability to cooperate with the people around us, so why do we place a strong emphasis on competition, what signals should we look for to determine someone’s trustworthiness, and how do we build trust in the first place?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What is the definition of trust according to modern science?
  • How fast can trust be built and destroyed?
  • The big myth about competition and survival of the fittest – 10:10 
  • What do we get wrong about competition vs cooperation in modern society, and why does this misconception lead to unhappiness and discontent in the workplace?
  • What nonverbal signals should you look for to determine if someone is trustworthy?
  • The trust problem with Zoom and Facetime – 24:52 
  • What 3 common mistakes should you avoid when talking to someone through a video call if you want to build trust and comfort?
  • How does your lower body signal your approachability to the people around you, and how should you be standing if you want to be approachable?
  • How to rebuild trust – 37:48 
  • What is the best way to apologize and rebuild trust after you break it?
  • What are the biggest myths surrounding eye contact and trust?

Trust is essential for both our personal and professional lives, but it can be difficult to build and easy to destroy. By understanding the signals we send when it comes to trustworthiness, we can take the necessary steps to build trust or rebuild trust after it’s been broken. And by fostering a cooperative environment, we can create happier relationships and more productive teams. 

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