Dr. Wendy Suzuki | Take Charge of Your Anxiety Today Using These 5 Time-tested Tactics

In today’s episode, we cover anxiety with Dr Wendy Suzuki. Dr Suzuki is a professor of neural science and psychology at the New York University’s Center for Neural Science, and the author of “Healthy Brain, Happy Life: A Personal Program to to Activate Your Brain and Do Everything Better” and her newest book, “Good Anxiety: Harnessing the Power of the Most Misunderstood Emotion.”

Anxiety is typically something we try to avoid, but why do we avoid it, what does science tell us about anxiety, and how can we use anxiety to our advantage?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 2:35
  • What is good anxiety and how do you recognize when anxiety is good or bad for you?
  • How do you recognize when the anxiety you’re experiencing is bad enough that you should seek help?
  • What behaviors might you be exhibiting that make your anxiety worse?
  • Relationships and their impact on our anxiety – 11:32
  • How do your relationships impact your anxiety and what can you do to mitigate that impact?
  • What simple exercise can you do anywhere to get a handle on your everyday anxiety?
  • How can you use small rituals and habits to stop your anxiety from ruining your daily activities and responsibilities?
  • Conquering anxiety  – 27:12
  • What can you do if your anxiety is stopping you from falling asleep at night?
  • What simple mental exercises can you use to diffuse your anxiety so it doesn’t have such a strong influence on your life?
  • How can you prepare for social events so your anxiety doesn’t ruin the event for you?
  • Managing anxiety in loved ones – 39:30 
  • What can you do as parents if you are concerned about anxiety in your children?
  • What do many of us do to make our anxiety worse when we believe it’s actually making our anxiety better? 

We tend to place anxiety into a category of emotions we try to avoid. While you can experience anxiety that is so bad it warrants professional help, the anxiety most of us deal with on a daily basis can be embraced for what it can teach us about ourselves and the people around us. If you want to better manage your anxiety, start by looking at it from a place of curiosity and creativity. Next time you’re experiencing anxiety, take a moment to ask yourself where the anxiety is coming from. The more you can look at your anxiety objectively, the faster it will subside and be manageable. 

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