Dr. Jill Stoddard | Why Imposter Syndrome is Normal and How to Reframe it for Success

Dr. Jill Stoddard | Why Imposter Syndrome is Normal and How to Reframe it for Success

In today’s episode, we cover imposter syndrome with Dr. Jill Stoddard. Dr. Stoddard is a psychologist, author of Be Mighty, speaker, co-host of the podcast Psychologists Off the Clock, entrepreneur, and women’s advocate. 

Imposter syndrome is a fact of life for anyone who is trying to push themselves and it can lead to extreme self-sabotage if left unchecked, so what can you do to overcome it, what does the science say about the topic, and how do you talk to people about it in order to move past it?

What to Listen For

  • What is imposter syndrome and what can you do to overcome it so you don’t sabotage your own success?
  • Where does the research suggest that imposter syndrome comes from?
  • Why do we struggle to internalize success and what can you do to change that so you don’t feel insecure about the work you do?
  • What are the 5 subtypes of imposters and how can knowing yours help eliminate your insecurities?
  • What can you do to overcome the fear or concern around asking for help?
  • What can we do to counteract feelings of imposter syndrome and move forward from them?
  • Why is understanding your values important to overcoming your imposter syndrome and what can you do to figure out what your values are?
  • How do you deal with imposter syndrome if you’re constantly around people who don’t respond positively to you opening up and being vulnerable?
  • Why is it easier to connect with people who are open and honest about their flaws?

Imposter syndrome will always be a part of our lives if we are focused on improving ourselves, so while we cannot eliminate it, we can find ways to reframe it and minimize its impact on our daily lives. 

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The 5 Subtypes of Imposters by Dr. Valerie Young

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