Why You Shouldn’t Ask “How to Make a Girl Like You”

How to Get Girls to Like You“How do I get girls to like me?” It’s a question that we hear a lot; but it’s the wrong question. You don’t want to worry about getting girls to like you, because you’re already amazing just like you are. It’s just a question of being your best self and creating attraction using the right tools. Read on to find out how you can have women falling all over you without even trying.

Turning the Tables Around

The goal of The Art of Charm isn’t to get girls to like you. That’s surprising to a lot of men. On the contrary, we want to help you to figure out which women you like and then give you the tools to create attraction only with those women. The strange thing about all of this is the more selective you are, the more women will like you and the harder they will work for your time and attention.

Best of all? This works for every man. It’s not a trick. Just a series of simple procedures that you can start learning today.

Being Yourself, All the Time

The notion of “making a girl like you” is antithetical to what we’re trying to do for one very simple reason: It involves being something other than what you are. On the contrary, we want you to be yourself all the time. We just want to make sure that you’re being your best self, because that’s the one that people are going to find most attractive. There’s nothing in our curriculum that’s going to demand that you change who you are at the most basic level. We’re just going to show you how to polish things up and start showing everyone just how sterling you already are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Filter

Don’t worry about how you’re going to make it past a woman’s filter. Instead, start thinking about what types of women you want to filter out. We often tell men to imagine that they have a smartphone filled with phone numbers of the most desirable women on the planet. This means that any woman that they encounter out at a bar or a club is going to have to meet some pretty high standards. Believe it or not, fearlessly having fun with filtering will increase your social value and result in you not just going on more dates, but better dates.

This works for every man, regardless of level of physical attractiveness or income. No matter where you’re at, we can help you to become better, have more fun and create more attraction.

The Right Women Will Chase You

Finally, the whole “getting girls to like me” thing is predicated on you chasing after women. We want to flip this dynamic so that you have women chasing after you. Once you accept that tons of desirable women are going to like you for who you are and begin projecting that kind of easygoing confidence around you, you’re going to find that precisely the type of women that you’re looking for are going to start chasing after you.


The Art of Charm Boot Camp is called a “Boot Camp” for a reason: After one week, you’re hardly going to be able to recognize yourself in terms of social skills and overall confidence. Give us a week of your life and we can turn you into a better man for the rest of it.