The Key to Success with Women

Do you want the keys to success with women? They’re easier to acquire than you might think. Being successful with women isn’t about any inborn quality: Rather, being successful with women is about cultivating certain behaviors that attract the right women into your life. These keys to success are something that any man can learn with a little bit of practice and lots of hard work. Read on to find out how you can achieve the type of success with women that you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know was attainable.

Success Key #1: Confidence

You probably already know that the single biggest key to success when it comes to women is confidence. This is what ranks highest on women’s list of what they look for in a man. What you might not know is that confidence can be cultivated, built up like biceps. Some quick ways to build confidence include:

  • Standing Tall: Good posture is scientifically proven to increase your confidence, as well as your perceived confidence.

  • Winning Smile: Women love a good smile. What’s more, a great smile has a number of health benefits in addition to helping you build confidence.

  • Value Demonstrations: High fiving people or clinking glasses makes you feel good about yourself while also giving the impression of a confident man.

The best part? When you act confidently, you appear to be confident, which makes people treat you like a confident man, which makes you feel more confident, which allows you to act more confidently. Repeat cycle for the ultimate key to success with women.

Success Key #2: Independence

There are two things that will kill your success with women: Being needy and seeking approval. To be successful with women you have to be your own man, one who isn’t looking for other people to tell him that he’s all right. When you do this, you can then make other people feel great by telling them that they’re all right. One of the keys to success with women is making her feel great about herself. Independence, and using that to give her more confidence, is a great way to do that.

Success Key #3: Purpose

One of the worst ways you can blow your success with women is by not having drive or purpose in your life. Even if you aren’t doing anything all that great with your life at the moment, you should have a plan for how you’re going to become successful at something that you want to do in the future. If you are doing something that you love and are successful at, don’t be afraid to talk yourself up a bit. Don’t brag, just be confident about your own future. Women will know the difference.

Success Key #4: Humor

It’s up there with confidence as a key to success with women for a reason: Few things turn a woman on more than being able to make her laugh. In fact, you can build a foundation of success with women by opening with banter lines that get her to laugh. This makes her relax around you and more receptive to conversation and interaction. There’s really no better way to start out attracting women than with a bit of humor.

Success Key #5: Touch

Reach out and touch a woman and you’re creating serious attraction between the two of you. Touch creates intimacy. It also gives her permission to touch you back. I’ve seen this master key to success with women work more times than I can count: A man touches a woman in a very safe spot like her hands, her upper back or arms and she’s all over him.