How to Attract Women by Developing Confidence

ConfidenceYou don’t need us to tell you that women love confidence: You already know it. What you need to know is how to develop confidence. It’s obviously not as easy as turning on a switch. But what if I told you that confidence was just a series of behaviors? That confidence can be easily developed by adopting these behaviors consistently over time? If you’re interested, read on to find out how to attract women by developing confidence.

Confidence Is Learned

Very few men are born brimming with confidence. Those who aren’t can learn it. Think of the phrase “it’s like riding a bike.” That’s confidence. Once you learn it, it’s a hard thing to unlearn. No matter how long you go without exercising those muscles, they’ll come back to you in a heartbeat. What’s more…

Confidence Can Be Faked

You know the phrase “fake it until you make it?” That’s not just a theory anymore. It’s firmly established science. Pretend to be something and eventually you become what you’re pretending to be. Pretend you know how to attract women, and you probably will. Best of all, pretending to be confident is part of the process of learning how to be confident. Pretend to be confident for a little bit and people start seeing you as confident, which in turn makes you act more confidently, which makes people see you as more confident. This is what we call a righteous circle and you’re going to love how it works in your life.

Exercise One: Your Winning Smile

Something as simple as a good smile can have you looking and feeling more confident. Here’s how to develop one:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and recall something funny.
  2. Start laughing. If you have to force it and fake it a little at first, don’t sweat it; It works just as well either way.
  3. Let the laughter fade into an exaggerated smile.
  4. Check the corners of your eyes. Are they crinkled up? Are the corners of your cheeks pulled up? If not, do so.
  5. Let your exaggerated smile fade into something more natural
  6. Hold it. Close your eyes and try to “remember” what this feels like.
  7. Before you enter a room at a party or a bar or a club, pull up the memory of the smile you created.

This works because a smile communicates confidence, friendliness and ease. Enter a room with a smile and people will notice.

Exercise Two: Posture Is Your Pal

Another thing that easily communicates confidence is good posture. You develop posture in a similar way: Stand in front of a mirror, stand up as straight as you can while keeping your shoulders relaxed, close your eyes and form a memory of it. Any time you catch yourself slouching, recall that memory. It’s another great and easy way to feel and look more confident at the same time.

Exercise Three: Destroying Approach Anxiety

The first two were pretty easy. This is where things start getting a little more difficult. One of the best ways to look confident is to go right after what you want. In practice, this means approaching women that you want to talk to as soon as you notice them. Believe me — they noticed you noticing them. So don’t wait around, approach immediately. This will get you more used to approaching them and will also make you appear a lot more confident, which is exactly how to attract women. Sooner rather than later you’ll be far less nervous about approaching women.