No Girls Like Me: What Should I Do?

At The Art of Charm, we meet a lot of guys who think, “No girls like me.” It’s a common concern, even among men who are otherwise very confident in other aspects of their life. Do you ever get the feeling that no girls like me? You’re not alone. Fortunately, The Art of Charm is here to show you what to do about it. Read on for our guide for men who feel like no girls like me.

Frustrated young, handsome businessman

Reframe Your Reality: Always Assume Attraction

One of our biggest pieces of advice for all men, not just men who feel like no girls like them, is to always assume attraction. What do we mean by this? We mean that when you have an experience that you would otherwise take to mean that “no girls like me,” instead assume that it’s a sign that she does. Most of the time, you really can’t tell. Why not just assume that she’s attracted to you? It’s going to be better for your psyche in the long run.

The Numbers Game: Tons of Women Will Like You

We’re not sure exactly how many women there are in the world today. Something north of three billion anyway. Assuming at .01 percent of those women will like you. That’s 300,000 women left in the world who think you’re just the greatest. If one percent of those live within 100 miles of you, that’s 3,000 women to choose from.

Obviously, these numbers are a little silly, but they illustrate a broader point: There are, as they say, plenty of fish in the sea. Your challenge is getting them to like you. And attraction is no accident. It’s what we teach.

Focus on Your Approach

Here’s the big secret when it comes to creating attraction: Your approach has lot — almost everything — to do with how women respond to you. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to making it happen and getting girls to like you based on your approach:

  1. Approach Immediately: That’s right. The second that you see a girl, take a breath, man up and walk up to her.

  2. Opening the Right Way: The best way to open is with a piece of content-free, light and playful banter that opens the door to more conversation. You don’t need to knock it out of the park here. You just need to get your foot in the door.

  3. Get Her to Laugh or Smile: The ultimate goal of the first phase of an interaction is just to get her to laugh or smile. Do this by being playful, funny and projecting a big smile of your own. Don’t focus too hard on being “entertaining.” Just relax and get her to do the same.

  4. Showing Interest: Once you’ve gotten her relaxed and having a good time, show interest in a very simple way. Just tell her “You seem pretty cool” or “I dig you,” then move on.

  5. The Fine Art of Conversation: Ask her open-ended questions that allow you to get to know who she is. Always recap her response a bit to show her that you’re listening before giving her your take. Allow for some back and forth.

  6. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away: Walking away — to take a lap, to get a drink, to hit the head or just because you feel like it — is totally OK. In fact, it shows confidence and doesn’t make her feel pressured.

Social Coaching: The Way to Level Up

No matter what level you’re at, social coaching can help you to get better at getting girls to like you. The Art of Charm offers boot camps that are going to help you to take things to the next level — no matter where you are. Schedule your strategy session today and we’ll discuss where you’re at, where you need to be and how The Art of Charm can help you get there.

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