How to Get Swagger, How to Use It

Swagger. It’s a thing. A thing that men increasingly seek in their quest to have better luck with women.

Do you ever get the feeling that swagger is something that other guys have that you lack? Or maybe you think you have swagger, but you aren’t sure how to use it to your advantage. Whatever the case, The Art of Charm is here to teach you how to get swagger and use it in your quest to get the girl and live the life of your dreams.

Read on to find out how it’s done.


What Do We Mean by Swagger?

First, it’s helpful to talk about what we mean when we talk about swagger. Put simply, it’s style, yes, but style plus confidence. Put the two together and you have swagger. It’s a sort of deep inner confidence that people notice everywhere you go. The type of inner confidence that comes out in ever fiber of your being, starting with how you walk and talk.


How to Get Swagger and Use It: Walking Tall

Let’s start our swagger lesson with how you walk.

First, you need to walk tall, so practice standing up straight, with your shoulders back. Ten five or ten minutes every night to practice this in the mirror while listening to some high-energy music that says “swagger” to you.

Now start thinking about men who have a confident walk. Men that you admire. Men who have the same kind of swagger that you’re trying to get and use for yourself. Watch how they walk.

Next time you go out, try and emulate this walk. We’re anxious to hear what kind of results you’re getting.


How to Get Swagger and Use It: Dressing the Part

A lot of guys think that to get swagger, they need to copy someone else’s style. That might help you to take your first steps into the world of swagger, but it’s not necessary. All that’s necessary to show your swagger with style is to figure out what your style is.

That might be t-shirts. It might be suits. It’s probably something in between. There are two things to look for:

  1. Fit: First and foremost, fit is important. You want clothes that are going to fit you properly, highlighting your good features and minimizing your bad ones.

  2. Materials: You want quality materials, so it’s better to have two pairs of $100 jeans in your closet than five pairs of $40 jeans.

What’s more, dressing well will make you more confident, which will make it easier for you to show your swag.


How to Get Swagger and Use It: Smile Always

One of the best ways to show and use your swagger is to smile. Smile big, with your whole face, not just your mouth. This displays confidence, but it’s also a necessary part of acting like a man with swagger.

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