7 Ways to Overcome Shyness

Do you need some ways to overcome shyness? You’re not alone. In fact, that’s one of the most common problems we encounter at The Art of Charm. The good news? We encounter is so much that we’ve got some killer tips on how you can start to overcome shyness in your life. Once you break through that obstacle, you’re going to be well on your way to becoming the type of social animal you’ve always wanted to be. Here are seven tips on how to make it happen.

Ask a Stranger for Directions

The first way to overcome shyness is a simple thing; Something anyone can do. Something so socially appropriate, you won’t believe how easy it is after you do it three or four times: On a busy street, stop a stranger and ask them for directions somewhere. The first time you’ll be nervous, but it will get easier. Don’t be afraid to flirt and banter if you happen to ask a lovely lady!

Talk to a Guy in Line at the Supermarket

This is another simple, socially appropriate way to start breaking out of your bubble: Talk to a guy in line with you at the supermarket. Talk about sports, talk about the price of gas, talk about the weather. It really doesn’t matter. Just start bantering and chatting with him like you would with a guy you’re friends with. Who knows? You might make a new friend.

Talk to a Pretty Girl in Line at the Supermarket

And when you’ve done that? Do the same with a pretty girl. You don’t have to worry about getting her number or anything like that. Instead, just worry about getting comfortable talking to beautiful women. Do this a few times and the next step will come a lot easier to you. Trust me.

Approach a Woman at the Bar

Now it’s time to put all of this to good use by approaching a woman at a bar. Here’s how you do it: Go out and the second that a woman catches your eye, man up and go talk to her. The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be. So do it right away and don’t listen to the little voice inside your head that’s afraid of rejection, because you need to…

Learn to Accept Rejection

Rejection is part of the process. Not every girl is going to like you, but none are going to respond to you if you never approach. So start seeing rejection as something that just happens in the course of talking to women. It will make it a lot easier on you and you’ll be able to start honing your game this way: Objectively looking at opportunities for further growth based on past challenges.

Get Out Of Your Head

Of course, one of the biggest things holding you back is all the stuff in your head. So how do you get out of your head? One great way to do it when you’re out and about is to hold your drink and concentrate on your hand. How does the cold glass feel? Don’t think about it. Just experience it. In no time, you’ll be out of your head and in your body.

Keep a Record of Your Progress

The best way to keep track of how you’re doing is to spend five minutes every night writing down your progress in a diary. Without doing that, you’re never going to be able to see how much progress you’re actually making.

It doesn’t happen as soon as you want, but with these ways to overcome shyness it happens faster than you think.