5 Confidence Building Exercises to Try Next Time You're Out

Confidence isn’t an accident. On the contrary, it’s a set of behaviors that any man can begin to cultivate starting right now. You might not see results immediately (though we suspect you will see some results right away), but the longer you practice, the more you’re going to gain confidence.

A cool thing about confidence is that it can be faked. If you fake confidence, not only does your mind begin to believe that you’re confident, other people begin to see you as confident. This in turn makes you feel more confident, which in turn makes other people see you as confident. Eventually, this will result in inner confidence. Here’s five confidence building exercises you can use to start your journey to the confidence girls love.

Clinking Glasses

The next time you head out, pick a number and try and clink glasses with that many people. The actual number will depend on how many people there are out at the bar or club. Twenty is a good number for most places, but you can adjust up or down as need be. This gets you out of your comfort zone and more comfortable with approaching. It also builds confidence as you clink glasses with nearly everyone at the bar.

Don’t drink? Go for the high five instead.

Always Assuming Attraction

One thing that we tell guys to do at The Art of Charm is to always assume attraction. Basically, what this means is that no matter how a woman acts or reacts to you, assume that she’s attracted.

And why not? You have no idea what she’s actually thinking. Why not assume the best instead of the worst? Try this the next time you go out and don’t get discouraged if you get blown out of the water a couple times. It’s not failure, it’s training for success.

Stand Tall and Smile

Positive body language has a deep effect on our own inner self-confidence. So practice standing up straight and tall. While you’re checking out your posture in the mirror, it’s time to start looking at how you smile. You want to have a natural smile with your whole face — not just your eyes. Not only will proper posture and smile make you more approachable, they’ll also make you feel more confident.

Approach Immediately

One big reason that guys are nervous about approaching women is because they spend too much time thinking about it. So don’t. Instead of spending all your time wondering how you’re going to approach her, just do it. Even if she shoots you down (which she probably won’t do), you’ll still get a confidence boost from making such a power move.

Ignore Your Insecurities

When your insecurities pipe up tell them to shut up. Do something to get out of your head, like approach a girl (the best way) or even just by taking a lap around the bar or the club and thinking about something else, something more positive.

Don’t let shyness hold you back. Take a deep breath and start applying these confidence building exercise to your life and you’ll be on your way to finding the girl you’ve always wanted.