Carson Tate | The Secret to Finding Fulfillment at Work and Turning Your Strengths Into Professional Gold

Carson Tate | The Secret to Finding Fulfillment at Work and Turning Your Strengths Into Professional Gold

In today’s episode, we cover finding fulfillment at work with Carson Tate. Carson is the author of Own It. Love It. Make It Work, the founder of Working Simply, and is a renowned expert on workplace productivity.

We have been taught to find the job we love, but what if you could learn to love any job you have instead – what would you have to do, how can you set yourself up for success, and how do you find a great mentor to guide you?

What to Listen For

  • What is the fundamental flaw behind trying to escape from your problems?
  • Why does fear keep so many people miserable at their jobs and what can you do about it if running to another job just results in the same feeling?
  • How do you create opportunities for positive feedback at work when you feel you are not being appreciated?
  • How can you discover your strengths to forge ahead in your professional life?
  • What is the ladder of interference, why do you need to get off of it, and what can you do to get off of it before it’s too late?
  • What can you do to cultivate a healthier working environment so it’s not holding you back from success and fulfillment?
  • What is the SCARF framework and how can you use it to improve your relationships?
  • What is emotional theater and how can you use it to take a step back from a difficult situation and look at it how it is affecting you objectively so you can think clearly about what to do?
  • Why is the compliment sandwich NOT an effective way to give feedback and what should you do instead?
  • How should you go about finding a mentor and what should you NOT do to make sure you don’t push them away?

It has been drilled into us by inspirational speakers and countless successful people that we won’t be able to find fulfillment in what we do for work until we find the one job that we love. 

But how many jobs are you going to have to work before you find that job?

What if instead, you could learn to find fulfillment in every job you take by focusing on some key aspects of the job and why they matter to you. By doing this, you can take pride in your work and give it the effort necessary for you to succeed and leave a great impression on those around you so you’ll develop a solid network that will launch you to even greater success. 

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