Break Free From Limiting Beliefs And Self-Destructive Patterns Today | Vienna Pharaon

Break Free From Limiting Beliefs And Self-Destructive Patterns Today | Vienna Pharaon

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In today’s episode, we cover how patterns from your childhood impact your current relationships with Vienna Pharaon. Vienna is a licensed family and marriage therapist, the author of the national bestseller The Origins of You: How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love,

We all have behaviors that help and hurt us, but the behaviors that hurt us aren’t always obvious, so what can you do to identify the behavioral patterns that negatively impact your life and relationships and what can you do to overcome them so you can build confidence and long-lasting fulfilling relationships?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • How do our childhood experiences create patterns in our relationships, behavior, and communication?
  • Identifying old wounds you don’t know about – 14:40
  • What are the obvious signs you have detrimental thought patterns left over from your childhood that are negatively impacting your relationships today?
  • How do you stop dating people who aren’t good for you?
  • Breaking patterns and healing old wounds – 29:00 
  • What steps can you take to break harmful patterns in yourself and heal the wounds that cause the patterns to keep repeating?
  • The value of grief – 39:50
  • What is grief exactly and why is it important to feel and process grief when we experience it?
  • How does dealing with your grief improve your relationships and prevent them from failing?

Breaking childhood patterns is something that can take time, but it is an important step for anyone in order to create relationships that are healthy and fulfilling. Whether you are trying to build healthier relationships with friends or a romantic partner, understanding your family system is key. Taking a closer look at the childhood patterns that show up in adult life can provide insight into how we interact with others and sabotage our social and romantic relationships. By implementing the four-step process laid out in this episode, you can start breaking these patterns today, pivot in directions that bring joy and confidence, and create more dynamic relationships as a result of it. After working through this process, you will be empowered by the new-found understanding of what brought you to your current reality – giving yourself permission to make different choices going forward will reward you mentally and affirmingly for many years to come.

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