Avoid These 3 Low Value Behaviors (Toolbox)

Avoid These 3 Low Value Behaviors (Toolbox)

In today’s episode, we cover low value behavior with AJ and Johnny.

We all exhibit low value behavior that can push people away from us, so what are low value behaviors, what makes us exhibit low value behavior, and what can you do to stop these low value behaviors from destroying friendships and relationships?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What are low value behaviors, how do they push people away from us, and how can you notice them so you stop exhibiting them?
  • Why do low value behaviors make it difficult to create lasting friendships and relationships?
  • Why do we need attention, approval, and acceptance? – 14:20 
  • What do we need from other humans to feel safe and why does every human need it?
  • How does your childhood shape the way you seek out value in the world and what can you do if your childhood influenced you to exhibit a lot of low value behaviors?
  • How to Identify Low Value Behaviors – 24:27 
  • What is the difference between a high value person and a low value person?
  • What is supplicative behavior and what are some examples so you can make sure you don’t exhibit supplicative behavior?
  • When is being agreeable considered low value behavior?
  • Combative Behavior – 43:02 
  • Why is it low value behavior to be argumentative and confrontational?
  • What are the verbal and nonverbal signals of combative behavior?
  • The Third Low Value Behavior – 50:05
  • When is it low value behavior to be competitive?
  • What is it about these low value behaviors that repel high value people from your life and what can you shift to high value behavior instead?

One of the worst blindspots people have in social situations is the way we go about satisfying our need for attention, approval, and acceptance. And we refer to attention, approval, and acceptance as value. We all have a need for value whether you like it or not. The difference between low value people and high value people is the way they go about getting that value. Low value people beg for it, fight you for it, and compete with you for it. High value people simply recognize their own value and seek to highlight the value in the people around them. 

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