5 Values, Actions, and Charities to Help Support Black Lives Matter

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On this special episode of the Art of Charm podcast, we’re digging into 5 values and how they relate to the current issues that we’re facing, 5 things that we think everyone should be doing to become more informed to start taking action, and finally 5 of our favorite charities to help start pushing the social needle in the right direction.

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Check-in with AJ and Johnny!

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One Comment on “5 Values, Actions, and Charities to Help Support Black Lives Matter”

  1. Thank you so much for your work on the Art of Charm. I applaud your service to the community.

    I wanted to respectfully ask that you please also address black on black crime in connection with BLM. The statistics show that crimes against blacks are overwhelmingly committed by other blacks, not by police or “whites”. We need only to check out the number of horrific murders in Chicago and Los Angeles alone this past weekend. The police are invited to these situations and many innocent people, particularly children, are also negatively affected. Black children in these communities live in constant violence, with scant parenting, resulting in poorer education, lower nutrition, housing and safety that would allow them to thrive in their adult lives

    Where there is racism, it needs to be addressed and changed and no police should kill unarmed people. Yet, the majority of the problem lies less with racism and more with raising the standards of the communities. The statistics are staggering yet politically the same rhetoric arises every couple of years and IS NEVER RESOLVED BY ANYONE after 150 years! Instead, money is thrown at programs, laws are put in place, but the real change of developing these communities is never completed. From my perspective, it appears that the popular position is instead to blame which, as you know, rarely solves a problem.. Only taking personal responsibility initiates change. The black community has been used by politicians as a pawn for years, with “leaders” only provoking anger, violence, divisiveness and hostility against rather than working towards resolution of the issues that could result in positive changes for all the black lives that matter.

    However, it is individual responsibility that wins the day, as you so clearly communicate in your podcast. There are 97 police killed by blacks in 2020 compared to 9 blacks killed by police. There are hundreds of blacks murdering blacks in Chicago every single year in the backyard of the country’s only “black” president. Yet that is never the narrative getting the media’s attention because it is not sensational and can’t pit everyone against each other. Instead it is a bias against police, government, law and order because a country in chaos and out of control is primed for manipulation and makes for good ratings, viral videos and other nonsense. Not lasting, positive change for black lives that matter. Take the focus off the real issue,it is never solved and blacks remain forever enslaved by encouraging that we are indeed not equal, oppressed, treated unfairly, falsely imprisoned, segregated by choice or not, etc. Instead, let’s empower everyone to take responsibility for their communities to make them safe rather than relying on the police to do it, among other things. The media and the country has forgotten there are black police as well and their lives matter, too. The black lives being murdered by blacks matter, not only blacks killed by white police. Black lives with no where to shop due to the professional vandalism and thefts perpetrated during peaceful protests matter, too. Black owned businesses destroyed by professional looting and fires matter, too. ALL black lives matter. Not just lives involved in political propaganda perpetuated on social media, the internet and television.

    I hope you know how much your work is appreciated and that your incredibly important leadership role is valued. I pray you continue to do the work to encourage every person to be their best self and to treat the world and all the people in it in the best possible way. Every single person can make a difference and you show the way and encourage people to do that. I admire you and thank you sincerely for your service to our country, in building up people, giving them confidence and a purpose. It is so very important and the only sure way to peace. I admire you and pray for your continued success.

    Be blessed –

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