How to Have Swagger

Swagger is a hot topic. Everyone wants to know how to have it. What is swagger, really? It’s a sense of inner confidence. Far from the exaggerated confidence of the arrogant, a man who has swagger is easy going, with an extra spring in his step that men and women alike notice. Do you want to know how to have swagger? Read on, because the key to cultivating swag is a lot easier than you think.

Swagger Lesson 1: Confidence Can Be Cultivated

One of the biggest lies going is that you’re either born with confidence or you aren’t. Put simply, swagger is just a series of behaviors, one that any man can learn and cultivate. Chief among these is confidence. Simple things like walking tall and smiling will give you greater confidence. You can also gain confidence, and thus, swagger, by hitting the gym or acquiring new skills. Given enough time, you will become the confident man that you’ve always wanted to be, one step closer to having all the swagger in the world.

Swagger Lesson 2: Posture and Smile

Good body language is one of the easiest ways to start showing your swagger. The two things that you need above all for swagger are good posture and a good smile. These are things that you can and should practice in front of your bathroom mirror. It doesn’t take a lot of time: Block out 15 minutes a day to practice both of these things and that should be more than enough. A little bit of investment in yourself means a lot of swagger in the long run.

Swagger Lesson 3: Body Language

There’s more to body language than just smiling and standing up straight. If you want to have swagger, you also have to work on your body language in relation to women. When you speak to women, try angling your body away from them and leaning in when they talk. When it’s your turn to speak, turn toward them. This takes some of the pressure off of each of you, while also communicating a bit of swagger by showing that you’re not seeking her approval.

Swagger Lesson 4: Owning Who You Are

Who are you? Are you a big, lumbering bro who loves beer and football? Are you a nerdy little guy who likes reading and anime? Are you a hipster, complete with mustache and obscure musical tastes?

There’s nothing wrong with any of these and each of them can know how to have swagger. However, if you want to have that swagger, you need to totally own who you are. Don’t ever be ashamed and remember that no matter what your deal is, there’s a woman — probably quite a lot of them — that are going to think you’re just perfect.

Swagger Lesson 5: Approach Boldly

Put all that swagger into practice. The next time that you’re out at a bar or club, the second that you see a woman that you want to talk to, walk up to her and start talking. Don’t wait, don’t lurk around, just do it. There are few better ways to show how to have swagger than by being the guy who approaches boldly and right away.

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