How To Win A Girl’s Heart: Things You Should Say and Principles To Follow

What do you say to a girl to win her heart? Of course there’s no “magic formula” that’s going to work in every circumstance. There are, however, some principles that underlie creating and sustaining attraction with women. If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss for what to say to a girl, this article can help you to nail it.

How to Win a Girl’s Heart
The key to what to say to a girl when you want to win a girl’s heart is qualifying. Let’s face it: Deep down, a lot of us feel like we’re not all that great. One way to make someone think you’re great is to tell them that they are. However, we don’t do this through blanket, unearned praise. On the contrary, the only way to qualify someone — to say to them in whatever way is best way possible that they’re all right by you — has to be sincere.

Why You Should Qualify

Why even qualify in the first place? Because it’s going to put you head and shoulders above other guys, especially the ones who are “too cool for school.” A lot of guys are afraid that if they let a woman know that they’re interested that she’s not going to be interested in them. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. She wants to know that you’re interested and she wants you to be genuinely interested. But, like with anything else, you’ve got to do it the right way.

How to Qualify the Right Way

So how do you qualify (show interest) the right way? What do you say to a girl that you like? Here are some tips.

  • Make It Genuine: Whatever you say to her should be something that you really think. Don’t feel like you have to make something up. Find something that you genuinely like about her, then tell her. But…

  • It Be About Her Looks: She already knows that you’re attracted to her on the basis of her looks. This includes how she dresses, her makeup, her hair… anything that’s about physical appearance is out.

  • Make It Direct: Don’t beat around the bush. Come out and say what you have to say.

  • Then Move On: After you qualify her, move on to the next part of the conversation. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t feel like you need to heap praise on her. Just tell her what you have to say, then move on.

This can be something simple like “You seem pretty cool” or “You’re all right.” Don’t overthink it. Just say something simple.

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