Passion in Relationships | Is Your Girlfriend Getting Bored With You?

Boring DatePassion in relationships is a tricky subject. When you’ve got a girlfriend you really dig you might be afraid that she’s getting bored with you. And honestly, you wouldn’t be the first guy that’s happened to. Knowing the signs that your girlfriend is getting bored with you can make all the difference in the world between keeping your relationship going and a painful breakup. Once you recognize the signs, you can begin combatting them.

First Sign She’s Bored: The Sex Goes

This is a given. While sex isn’t everything and has its ups and downs, if the two are you are going through a prolonged period of time where you’re not having a whole lot of sex, she might be bored in the bedroom.

How to Deal With It: Basically, talk openly and honestly about what she wants in bed. Don’t frame it in terms of “I noticed you seem uninterested.” Just make it about wanting to know what she’s into, wanting to know what pleases her.

Second Sign She’s Bored: No More Date Nights

Do the two of you still go out? Or are there a lot of nights spent just “hanging out?” If the latter, you need to start worrying that she’s bored or quickly getting there. Healthy relationships are active and dynamic ones. The less you two are doing together the faster she’s going to get bored.

How to Deal With It: At the end of the day, it’s going to be your responsibility to make sure that things are active and dynamic. Ask her out on a date. Get her out of the house and doing new and exciting things with you.

Third Sign She’s Bored: She Doesn’t Talk to You Anymore

Some couples aren’t super chatty with each other, so this is a relative concern. The main question is: Is she talking to you less than she used to? Does she seem short and uninterested in even hearing about your day? Is she reticent to share things about hers with you, even when you ask?

How to Deal With It: Step up to the plate and start taking the initiative to get her talking. Sure, ask her about her day, but opt for more exciting conversation choices than that. Games like “Cliffs” can get girls talking, as can “Would you rather?” type conversations. Look into some solid conversation starters and get her chatting with you.

Fourth Sign She’s Bored: She Flirts With Other Guys

This might sting, but ultimately it’s a sign that she’s getting bored and looking elsewhere. If you think she’s a little friendlier with other guys than normal, you’re probably right. So you need to get on top of things and start getting your relationship back together.

How to Deal With It: Basically do all of the stuff above. Remember that keeping your girlfriend interested isn’t one thing, it’s a series of things. It’s behaviors that you’re making every day. The above tips will help you to maintain the kind of structural attraction that you need over time.

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