Not Returning Your Calls and Other Signs She’s Just Not Interested

Signs She's Not InterestedIn the past, we’ve talked about ways to know if she’s interested in you. Just as important — and arguably far clearer — are signs that she’s not interested in you. Even more important is how you should act when she’s not returning your calls and showing other signs that she’s not interested.

Signs That She’s Not That Into You

There are a lot of signs that a woman just isn’t that into you. If you’ve made three attempts to contact her and she hasn’t responded at all, it’s probably time to move on. Other signs that she’s not interested are texting on a date, looking around the room for someone “better” to talk to or just generally appearing “bored” and not engaged. Do a gut check: If she doesn’t seem interested, there’s a good chance she’s not. Now that we’ve given you the bad news, it’s time to move on to the good news.

It Doesn’t Matter If She’s Not Into You

So she’s not returning your phone calls or showing other signs of interest. So what? The Art of Charm teaches men to cultivate an abundance mentality. What this means is that you act as if you have a smartphone filled with women who are interested in you, as well as attractive, interesting and successful. Start training yourself to think in these terms: There are tons of great women out there. A lot of them are going to be interested in you. Don’t waste your time on one that isn’t.

Time: Your Most Precious Resource

We all only have so much time on this planet. Rather than spending it trying to get someone to be interested in you, we advise that you use your time to find people who are interested in you. Both your time and your energy are better spent moving on and finding someone else. There’s a phrase that we like to live by at The Art of Charm: Don’t chase women, deals or street cars. There’s always another one — often a better one — just around the corner.

Don’t Fear Walking Away

Often times, men are intimidated by the prospect of walking away. They think that there’s something special about this woman that they’re not going to find in another woman. That might be true, but the next woman might have something even more special that the last one didn’t have. Regardless, remember that there’s not just someone out there for you — there are lots of someone’s out there for you. Use your time and energy wisely and walk away from situations where you aren’t getting out what you’re putting in.

Don’t Be Surprised If She Comes Back

In a lot of cases, you might find that she shows a lot more interest when you start showing less. Tread carefully in this case; After all, you should already have a few new things going with women who don’t need you to walk away to be interested.

Don’t worry about her not being interested. Rather, see it as an opportunity to more wisely spend your time on someone else who will be.

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