How to Keep a Woman Happy

“How do I keep a woman happy?”

Tons of men ask us questions like this. One of the short answers is that the secret to how to keep a woman happy varies from one woman to another. However, there are some general guidelines that are generally applicable when it comes to keeping most women happy. Want to learn how to keep the woman happy that you’ve got or just keep a woman you plan to have in the future happy? Keep reading this article for five rock solid tips on how to keep a woman happy.

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Small Gifts Make a Big Difference

If you want to keep a woman happy, you need to buy her gifts. But like your mom used to say, it’s the thought that counts. Getting her that perfect little thing that she loves that costs ten bucks is worth a lot to a woman. It just shows that you know her, that you get her and that you understand her. Fewer things are going to keep a woman happier than that.

Listen to Her When She Wants to Talk

To many men make the mistake of thinking that they need to solve a woman’s problems to keep her happy. On the contrary, a lot of the time she just wants someone to vent to. If you want to keep a woman happy, listen to her when she’s having a problem, let her know that you’re there for her and that you understand what she’s going through. Don’t worry about coming up with solutions: There’s a really good chance that that’s not at all what she’s looking for.

Give Her Space

On that same token, a lot of women are kept happy by leaving them alone. It’s up to you to know when she wants to be left alone, because in typical female fashion, she’s almost certainly not going to tell you what she wants when she wants it. Still, if she seems standoffish and isn’t communicating with you, a lot of times the best course of action is to just back off and give her a little time alone. That’s one good way to keep your woman happy.

Make Her Feel Special

Little gifts will make her feel special. So will letting her know that she’s different from other girls that you’ve dated without coming right out and comparing her to them. Communicating to her that she’s different from the other women that you’ve had in your life is one of the most effective ways to keep a woman that you’re with happy.

Take Her Out on Dates

A mistake that a lot of men make when they start dating women is that they stop taking them out on dates. That’s when things tend to get a little boring and “samey.” If you’re really concerned with how to keep a woman and keeping things fresh between the two of you, you should never stop dating her. Take her out to dinner, take her out dancing, take her out to the bar, just take her out with you.

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